The Dreamer Virgo Artist

Hi! I’m Soraia Ferreira, a self-called Dreamer Virgo Artist. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with stories and creative ideas, especially writing and producing them. Both my creativity and my too “freaky” organizational skills have greatly supported my work as a TV/Digital/Media Content Producer for more than 10 years.

As a highly creative professional, my core skills are on creating and editing audiovisual/digital projects, campaigns and social media content strategies both in Portuguese and English languages. Besides, I am very experienced with translating and proofreading all sorts of texts for both languages (press releases, e-mails, presentations, promotional info, display ads, videos and internal/external communication materials). Since 2009, I have been writing, producing and developing all sorts of projects/campaigns/ads/work with clients from several backgrounds in the Media industry. More recently, I’ve developed a keen interest in Digital Marketing, which led me to expand my professional skills on this area too. At heart, I am a storyteller that has learned to shape her talent into various platforms and different communication channels (offline and online media).

I believe Art represents a huge spectrum of life’s expressions and exploring its many forms is a continuing process of learning about the world and us individually. I like to think that I am a “dreamer” because I look for fulfilling my heart’s passions while also being a great “doer” and turning those passions into concrete solid action steps like a disciplined Virgo. So, here it is: a Dreamer Virgo Artist at your disposal for any kind of professional requests. I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Feel free to check my Instagram if you’d like to know some of my personal interests. My four-legged best friend Yogui teaches me the power of unconditional love every day and how to live in the moment (plus, he is pretty cute to photograph – you’ll see it!). I enjoy reading inspiring books, practicing yoga and looking for healthy ways of bettering myself while wandering this world as a badass travel and nature enthusiast. 😉

E-mail: / Skype: soraia.ferreira91