Walt Disney Company

For 8 months (2021-2022), I worked as a Production Coordinator at The Walt Disney Company, leading a team of a dozen of creatives (video editors, motion designers and graphic designers). While covering for maternity leave, I was coordinating the entire process of campaigns/creative requests from international and local teams. This included promos, trailers, bumpers, promotional content for tv-shows/movies and portfolio campaigns. My main responsibilities were: to plan and delegate tasks, manage teamwork efforts, unforeseen events, oversee the budget, timeline control, approval processes and final delivery. Throughout my time there I also was the point of contact with several departments, business areas we co-worked with and external partners. The Disney group owns 10 high-profile tv brands in Portugal: FOX, FOX Movies, FOX Life, FOX Comedy, FOX Crime, FOX+, NationalGeographic, 24Kitchen, Mundo FOX and Disney+. Below are some of the works I was involved with.

Portfolio Campaigns

Fox The Scroll

CONCEPT As we found that, on average, a person scrolls 2km daily on a smartphone, we thought: FOX THE SCROLL! How can we talk digital boomers into watching TV if they spend so much time scrolling down? We started painting a 2kms long physical feed in which each post had a new premiere, a new series or a new episode. Just to show them that on FOX they always have something new to watch. Instead of always watching the same things that the regular scroll offers them: photos of Kittens, #Sunset, #Blessed… we all know it.

Then, we strategically planned a media campaign that allowed us to expand the 2kms scroll throughout several cities. By photographing each physical post from the top and selecting special media formats that kept the feed’s perspective and feeling. But also, by recording a music video with Ivandro artist.

By going forward with this slightly crazy idea of painting a 2km scroll made of new content and focusing essentially on using only special media formats that would help us to expand the scroll far beyond the initial 2km, we believe that we reached a good share of the digital boomers that no longer watches television as the main media for entertainment. Proof of this was the sudden rise in the channels’ audiences. To highlight:

• All FOX series highlighted on the scroll made it to the TOP #10 on Primetime for Pay-TV.
• Best Premieres Ever for FBI 4 and FBI: International: +12% viewers vs FBI 3 (same number of episodes) • Magnum P.I. 4: +42% viewers than the previous season premiere.
• And a plus: For the first time on FOX we tested a campaign on Tik-Tok. And it came out as very important decision as 36% of the campaign’s total views (3,882,609 views) came from that platform. Surprisingly, Tik-Tok became the place where we got the most views (vs 34% on Youtube, for example).


CONCEPT 11 years after the beginning of the walk, The Walking Dead – a cult series with thousands of fans around the world – is coming to an end. But FOX knew that, for the most devout fans, the end of a cult series can be hard to bear. So, how could we announce the end while keeping the devotion alive?

We decided to immortalize it by creating a unique Reliquary. While the usual reliquaries preserve the remains of saints to immortalize their history, ours… Well, since it’s a series of undead falling into pieces, we chose to immortalize these pieces, turning them into relics. 11 body parts handpicked by their symbolism and based on analysis of data from a decade of fandoms, fanblogs, sub-reddits, social media comments and nearly 170 episodes, to find the 11 most memorable Walkers of all time.

The result was drop-dead gorgeous! The 11 body parts became 11 unique relics, giving life to the first reliquary ver created to immortalize a cult series. Sculpted in Portugal, to be venerated worldwide and long after the last episode aired.


FOX Life

FOX Comedy

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