For more than 1 year (2020-2021) I worked on a Freelancing basis as a Video Producer and Editor for Pangaea, a US production company that represents two cosmetic male-targeted brands called Lumin and Meridian. My job was to produce ads for social media campaigns regarding these two brands for the Portuguese market. I made videos for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok (mostly UGC style). Below are some examples.

During 2020-2021, I’ve developed video content for like this promotional spot highlighting a Black Friday pre-sale offer of one of this company’s services, called  The same happened with the coaching-business called ECIT, where I produced videos to promote their products.

Earlier, between 2014 and 2016, I also worked as a Freelancer Video Maker and during that time I collaborated with production companies and freelancing teams to produce several audiovisual projects.

“Portugal in the Front Row” | Political Campaign

The political campaign called “Portugal in the Front Row” of the then Portuguese Prime-Minister regarding the 2015 legislative election.

“Árvore de Família” | Short-Film

The story of a broken family who, overtime, got more and more bitter with resentments and unresolved conflicts with each other. Suddenly, this family had to face the imminent death of its patriarch, who is in a hospital bed. One of his sons visited him to ask for forgiveness but the son had to, first, face his past and all his wrongdoings.