Record TV

For more than 4 years (2016-2020), I worked as a TV/Digital/Media Content Producer at Record TV, a Brazilian international TV-station that focuses on producing content for all the family members, going from traditional formats (telenovelas, talk-shows, newscasts) to more creative ones (travel shows, kids shows, quiz shows). Here, my experience included creating a wide range of different types of content: variety and reality-shows, teasers, wraparounds, promos, ads, news and short institutional shows. Besides Portuguese, I delivered many of these contents for English speaking audiences (to MyTV – a TV channel previously owned by Record TV International Group that broadcasted daily diverse content in the UK).  Below are some of the works I was involved with.

Giro | Travel TV-show (30′)

A travel and lifestyle TV-show that aimed to show viewers the best places to visit in each destination we met. Always entertaining, our TV-host was passionate to show our audience the funniest, most exciting and filled with adrenaline adventures in all of our travels.

Miúdos Sabem Tudo | Kids TV-show (15′)

A kids TV-show where we tested the knowledge of the children who visited our studios by asking them questions of the “adults world” that, reasonably, they knew little about. But that’s what made this format interesting: to hear these kids opinions on topics that were far beyond their age/understanding.

Nails Home By Hanna Vasko | Reality TV-show (10′)

The first nail styling reality TV-show ever made in Portugal, here we had some of best talents of nail art in the world competing to be titled “the big winner”. 5 candidates were confined in an apartment and had to be successful at overcoming nail styling challenges and to do so with focus, creativity and, of course, immense talent. The host (and main judge) of this competition was Hanna Vasko, one of the most acclaimed nail artists in this business.

OnScreen | Movies TV-show (30′)

A weekly TV-show that brought audiences all the latest UK cinema and DVD releases. In this half hour show, we broadcasted inside information about each film, along with behind the scenes footage and interviews with people’s favorite actors and crew. Whether the consumer preferred comedy, action, thriller, horror, romance or animation, we had episodes targeted for all these genres.

MyTop10 | Music TV-show (55′)

A weekly TV-show that was all about the most recent music releases. We prepared a selection of top 10 music tracks of the week based on the hottest, freshest and most diverse selection of music videos to accommodate various tastes. Also, the viewer got interesting information about each music video, the song’s lyrics, or about the featured artist.