Ads Copywriting

I have several years of experience producing copywriting materials: TV commercials, product placements, infomercials, spots, etc. Below are some of the works I was involved with.

Confidente | Spot (30″)

A spot made for a dental clinic who wanted to promote its services and treatments for its clients.

Walkborder Tours | Infomercial (3′)

This brand is specialist in private tours all over Portugal and a series of videos were produced targeted to promote specific trips that the company offers to their clients while at the same time giving suggestions of places to visit in each destination shown.

Real Transfer | Infomercial (3′)

A weekly segment called “A real story, a new life” where a Brazilian guest who courageously left his/her country of origin to embrace a new life in Portugal would be interviewed. The tv-host was also the brand manager of this content and our goal was to bring the brand closer to its clients by sharing stories of victory, success and entrepreneurship.

Restaurante Paullu’s | Infomercial (3′)

A segment called “Good taste with Paullu’s Restaurant” where a TV-host would cook a different recipe in each episode, alongside Chef Paulo. His purpose was to promote his restaurant by producing a series of videos where his best dishes would be shown as well as the whole step-by-step process.

Bio Extratus | Infomercial (3′)

A Brazilian cosmetic brand, designed by hairdressers who love nature, asked Record TV to produce a series of videos that would highlight each of the brand’s hair products according to each person’s hairstyle and type of hair.

Embelleze | TV Commercial (30″)

A commercial produced for one of the leading beauty brands in Portugal, which wanted to promote their new line of hair products.

MYGON | TV Commercials (60″)

Creation of content and video production with the purpose of campaigning the brand’s launch of an app with a clear humorist vibe.

FORD | TV Commercials (60″)

Creation of content for several of this brand’s campaigns.