Q Channel

For 4 years (2010-2014), I was proudly a TV/Communications Producer at Q Channel, a comedy and lifestyle content related Portuguese TV channel. In essence I was responsible to produce: sketches, TV-series, variety and talk-shows, teasers, promos, news and ads. Below are some of the works I was involved with.

Fábrica dos Pentes | Mockumentary (20′)

What happened when the director of Q channel, who had been in this role for 3 years, found out that he was having some serious problems with the funny scriptwriters that he supervised? That’s what “Fábrica dos Pentes” was all about.

Isto é o Q? | TV-series (15′)

A tv-channel and a team of creative people who worked together to make the “show go on” against all odds. We got personal, we got confrontational and we got a little twisted. But in the end, all ended well. Or so we think…

Não, não e não | Sketches (20′)

Three not-so-notorious Portuguese comedians gathered forces to produce a comedy tv-show together. But they had very little in common. So, “no, no and no” was the motto and the name of this format.

Inimigo Público | Fake News TV-show (15′)

A daily fake news TV-show that broadcasted fabricated news based on real, fact ones, with a funny twist on each one.

De Perto Ninguém É Normal | Small TV-format (5′)

A format where the many peculiarities of daily life were explored, in conversations between two friends.

O Cómico que se Segue | Small TV-format (5′)

We looked for the next big comedy name in Portugal searching for young talents who were passionate about humor and jokes.

A Vida Real | Small TV-format (5′)

The hidden lives and the stories of people whose professions and lifestyles were not the most typical ones.