Student Dreamer

During my college years (2011-2015) I wrote, produced, directed and/or edited some projects that I am proud of. Below are some of those works.

A Outra Vida | Short-Film

Daniel is called to identify the body of his twin brother, João, that he hasn’t seen for many years and who has died unexpectedly in a car crash. A visit to his house, where he has never been before, marks the beginning of a journey of exploration through his brother’s life that goes unnoticed to others due to the physical resemblance between the two. When Daniel is given the crashed car GPS, he decides to take his brother’s never finished last trip.

* Exhibition at Sala Manoel de Oliveira of São Jorge Cinema
* Exhibition at MOSTRARTE
* Selection and Exhibition at the 14th International Student Film & Video Festival of Beijing – Selection and Exhibition at FESTin
* Selection and Exhibition at Arouca Film Festival

Experimentar Televisão | Documentary

A look inside a cable television channel which shows various facets of the daily life of those who conceive, produce, and deliver different contents for TV – whether from a technical, human or financial point of view. Whether through interviews, capturing work moments or even excerpts from the broadcast itself, this documentary offers a “behind-the-scenes” look of a company that, interestingly, is located inside a hotel – one of several aspects of the liberal and irreverent spirit that represents the Q Channel.

O Troco | Short-Film

In a university’s hallway, David, one of the students, decides to buy a chocolate that he sees inside a candy machine. Realizing he has neither loose change and no one else around him, David begins kicking the machine trying to make a chocolate fall down. Suddenly, Mr. Joseph, a university security man, shows up and comes unto the candy machine. The student, embarrassed by his own behavior, remains still and nervous. But what David did not expect was the reaction that came next…

* Selection and Exhibition at the german cinema festival FMA Berlin
* Selection and Exhibition at DETECT Film Festival Moscovo on the category “Crime Film”
* Selection and Exhibition at FARCUME – Faro’s short-movies festival
* Selection and Exhibition at the Festafilm Montpellier 6st edition
* Exhibition at Curtas em Flagrante Monchique

 A Flor | Campaign on Cervical Cancer Screening made in partnership with Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro

A video campaign requested by the Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro to Lisbon’s Lusófona University in order to make women more aware of the need to perform a regular cervical cancer screening. 

The Tale of Old Man Jack, Tumble Reeds | Music Video

A videoclip made for a Blues, Country and American Folk Group that started in August 2011.