Website Content

I am an experienced Website Content Producer and Manager, having been so especially while working for Record TV Europa and MyTvUK. For several years I was in charge of uploading content (videos, news, articles, short-form copy, photos, videos) for these two companies websites as well as creating my own content and optimizing their SEO performance. Below are examples of platforms and companies I’ve worked with.

I’ve written more than a dozen articles for the “News” section of this tech company’s website as well as short-form copy text, promoting their services and products. After that I’ve developed a new website strategy by optimizing their content. Pus, I created a social media plan to leverage this company’s presence online.


For more than 2 years (2018-2020), I was in charge of writing 5 articles for the “News” section of this Tv channel’s website, searching about trendy topics of our society.

Record TV Europa

For an extended period of time (2019-2020), everyday I would upload, write about and manage several videos (ad, promos, tv-shows, etc.) on this TV channel’s website.

StartUp Magazine 

For some months (2015-2016), I was in charge of writing several articles and target SEO keywords for this company’s website, an enterprise which aims to promote startups and new businesses.