TV Promos

Working as a TV Content Creator for more than 11 years, I have a big portfolio of delivering TV content. Several of these include producing small formats like promos and wraparounds. Below are some of the works I was involved with. At Record TV, many of my works were created for both Portuguese and English audiences (the latter were broadcasted at MyTV channel), so that’s why I’ve decided to put both contents side by side on most of these examples.

Promos “WhatsApp” and “New TV Shows – September 2020”

The idea for the promo on the left was to create a differentiated content to announce the return of the broadcast of the soap opera called “Amor Sem Igual”, after lockdown stopped its shooting and transmission. Using a Whatsapp conversation, I imagined a talk between the soap opera and a viewer who was anxiously anticipating the “Amor Sem Igual” return. Regarding the promo on the right, it aimed to promote the new TV and Digital content that was about to be released for our audience in Record TV’s media channels from September onwards. This promo was intended to make an analogy with our new programming schedule with a book, by saying (and illustrating) that our best chapter ever was about to be written.

Promo “A casa da sua família/The home of your family”

The idea for this promo was to make a video that promoted Record TV’s programs during quarantine -> making an analogy with our newly found “home life” experienced during the pandemic.

Promo “Cá dentro/In here”

As we were forced to be in quarantine during the recent lockdown, I came up with an idea to produce a promo that showed that “our life” continues to exist inside Record TV and MyTV -> making an analogy with the new “life” that we all experienced by being at home for such a long period.

Promo “Não está demasiado perto”

Also during this lockdown period, I came up with a concept of producing a promo that referenced the social distance that was/is still recommended to us all by associating the content with Record TV’s soap opera “Vitória” -> making an analogy with the soap opera’s name (“Vitória” means “Victory”) with this challenging phase that we are living, suggesting – in the end – that we are going to be “victorious”. At the same time, I added a funny twist and made a joke by saying that the viewer should not be distant from watching Record TV’s content, quite the contrary. 🙂

Promo “Record TV International Worldwide”

An institutional/corporate promo about Record Tv’s presence all over the world.

Wraparound “Boletim do Rio/Rio Games”

During the 2016 Olympic Games, me and a Record TV’s team produced an engaging content that would later become a daily competition report. But before the games started, we produced several videos with fun facts about each modality.

Wraparound “Quizipedia – Pergunta/Question”

This was a content created to keep viewers’ engagement during TV breaks. There were dozens of videos produced with interesting questions on several topics like: History, Arts, Science and Sports. We broadcasted the “Question” video as soon as a TV show ended – right before the TV break – and asked the viewer to stay tuned in order to watch the right answer soon. Then, we broadcasted the “Answer” video as soon as a TV break would end – right before a TV show would start.

Wraparound “Mundo Pet/Pet World”

For this wraparound, the goal was to create a series of videos with tips on how to best take care of our four-legged friends. Much of Record TV’s audience are families and families who own pets. So, this was made in order to keep viewers’ engagement during TV breaks.

Wraparound “EcoQuiz”

Another content created to keep viewers’ engagement during TV breaks. This one was focused on questions around the environment, new practices and technologies on this field, and exploring several healthy ingredients.

Wraparound “Mala Pronta/Backpack”

Everyone loves videos about travel destinations and suggestions on what to do in each one. This content was made with this premise in mind and on each episode we would focus on a specific place, exploring its wonders.

Q Channel Promos

Check several promos that I was responsible for producing at Q Channel.